This product is fantastic, not only in its simplicity and clever design, but also its ability to present a 3- dimensional target that is quite like the actual Hunter’s Field Target kill zone..
— Vincent Louis Alessi, Ohio field target competitior
The one inch kill zones are great for small game hunting practice, they are the kill zone size of a squirrel head
— Dana Webb, MountainSport Airguns Magazine
I use the WFTF configuration to practice my off hand shots -it has definitely made a difference
— John Eroh, World Field Target Competitor
Rx Target Systems has bridged the gap between cheaply made light-weight targets suitable only for low-end break-barrel rifles and CO2 pistols and targets designed for rimfire and centerfire bullets, not pellets. Airgunners will finally have a target system designed to work with everything from a 10-meter pistol to a recharged pneumatic rifle....Interchangeable target apertures you will have a target system that lets you practice precision shooting with the satisfaction of shooting steel targets.
— Paul Clarke Jr, State of Wisconsin DoJ certified Master Firearms Instructor