What is the maximum force recommended for the Rx Target Systems all steel target?

The steel target has taken sustained commercially available pellet shots at 75 foot pounds at 30 yards and 90 foot pounds at 75 yards on 1/4” thick paddles. With 10 gauge paddles (140 thousandths of an inch thick), its limit is 31 foot pounds at 21 yards. Testing with commercially made airgun pellets as well as Specialty ammunition testing is still on going. If using specialty ammunition it is recommended to purchase the 1/4 inch thick paddle set. We test for rebounding and deformation of the paddles.


What maintenance recommendations are there for the Rx Target Systems all steel target?

Rx Target Systems targets are painted with Rustoleum Branded spray paints and or powder coated to provide a durable finish. However, targets are meant to be shot at and thus will need their strike surfaces repainted. Occasional lubrication on the axel rod with a graphite based lubricant or silicone is recommended. Rust may form on exposed steel if left out in the elements. Nylon spacers may expand if exposed to prolonged moisture.

Does the target come with reset line?

When you purchase a complete target system a 55 yard Kevlar reset line is included. You may purchase 55 yard extra line in our shop.


What’s the warranty ?

5 year manufacturers warranty on the faceplate and base .


Spare Parts?

Paddles, spacers, axel rod, mounting bolts are available. Email us regarding your needs.