Apertures: 25 mm vs 30.5 mm

Apertures of 25 millimeter or one inch is perhaps the most common bulls eye, and rightfully so. Groups are expressed in inches center to center, and grouping in fractions of an inch speaks volumes. To hunters one inch is the kill zone of many small game and commonly used to sight in their rifles for the task. What I see is a perfect training tool for rapid fire pistol using an air pistol at 21 feet. Why? The one inch target at that distance is approximately 1/4 scale to shooting ISSF Rapid Fire Pistol at a 100 mm bull at 25 meters.

So why make the 30.5 mm or 1.2” Rx Target? The paper target NRA 10 meter Air Rifle target’s 4 through 10 ring is 30.5 mm. Using the Rx Bull Challenge 1.2” not only gets one focused on scoring in the black, but also presents it three dimensionally. Once the student is hitting in the zone consistently, move to the official paper target. Bottom line, Rx Target Systems are designed with purpose- to not only develop skill, but to maintain it when one cannot make it to the range.