Target Configurations(each unit)

target face plates
target face plates

Target Configurations(each unit)


Choose from 4 current variants shown from top to bottom: buy a target system and get additional plates, cut and painted for 24.99(half off MSRP)

1” bulls,

1.2” bulls,

World Field Target Federation (15 mm, 25mm, 38 mm, 25 mm, 15 mm)

American Field Target Association(1.5”, 1”, .75”, .5”, .375”)

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Face plates are constructed of rugged quarter-inch A36 steel, CNC plasma cut, then painted black. Additional colors are available on special order and include red, white, blue and yellow. Additional patterns are available on special order and include tri-color and camouflage drab and tan.

This is the heaviest constructed structure of the target assembly and is for for a reason- it is meant to last and withstand the abuse of repeated AIRGUN round strikes. It is not AR steel and should not be used with firearm projectiles.