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what is included in the price as standard:

      air gun target system kits are modular, meaning the face plates and target stations are interchangeable.  threaded inserts for the face plates and target stations, prevent stripping of the wooden bases. hardware including bolts, nuts, washers, springs, and hinges are included.  templates for fitting target stations, reset bar with collet, spring holder, and shelf mounts are included. target  plates in thickness 0.140 inches (3.6 mm) are standard.

     air soft targets use wood and lighter gauge steel for base, target faces, target plates. Threaded inserts are not standard but are available via custom ordering. the re-settable magnetic system is optional on the RX bull challenges.

products are competitively priced and shipped assembled, with exception of the face plate which is attached with hex bolts.  shipping weight for one kit averages 8 pounds.


Air soft 5-shot reset silhouette challenge

  • 5 shot thin gauge steel silhouette, 8" with 2.5" center bull or 6" with 1.5" center bull

  • spacers prevent targets touching one another as rotate on dowel rod

  • increase speed and accuracy with scaled down silhouettes indoors


air soft rx bull challenge- resettable magnetic 

  • 5 shot bulls 1' standard

  • thin gauge steel (19 to 26 gauge) target plates unpainted

  • steel reset bar


rx target systems core package

  • buy one base and set of paddles, easily interchange face plates with removal of two hex bolts.

  • pvc board or premium cut pine base 14” x 8” x 4” actual dimensions

    • range /black sided  0.140" target plates

    • premium cut pine base, 16" x 8"x 1", stained and polyurethane coated or

    • 55-yard string

    • add $5 for painted face plate other than black or white.

$70, also available through baker airgns

rx bull challenge https://www.bakerairguns.com/product/rx-bull-challenge-resettable-airgun-target/

  • standard 5 shot apertures, 1" diameter

  • premium cut pine base, 16" x 8" x 1", stained and polyurethane coated

  • 55 yards string

  • standard in black face plate and orange paddles

  • add black painted AAFTA style face plate with magnets attached for $20


rx two person competition challenge

  • 5 shot , 1" apertures

  • face plate tri-color with center bull neutral color

  • standard with 0.140" target plates

  • stained and polyurethane coated base

accessories and extra

$20  for 1 or $30 for 2,   black  4" x 12" x 1/4" steel Face plate, specify type of cut in order (AAFTA, WFTF, Bull  challenge)

$20. 20 gauge steel silhouettes, set of 5

$3.50  target plate, bored for hinges, thickness 0.1875" (4.8 mm)

$2.50 Target plate, bored for hinges, thickness 0.140” (3.5 mm)

$8      High visibility braided kevlar rolled on holder, 55 yards


custom work

$ 25 Field target bases : stained and poly coated, drilled for shelf or ground mounting, Rxtargetsystems logo. 

$ 65 Sport team or company color target system: choice of bull challenge, two shooter bull challenge (can use one team for each shooter), field target trainer. includes coloring of base, target plates, and face plate.

$28 face plates painted any other single color than black or white




Satisfied Customers

Vincent Louis Alessi's AAFTA target in use.

Vincent Louis Alessi's AAFTA target in use.

This product is fantastic not only in its simplicity and clever design but also in its ability to present a 3 dimensional target that is quite like the actual Hunter’s Field Target kill zone targets that will be seen in HFT competition!
— Vincent Louis Alessi, field target competitor
Jeff Swartz's American Airgun Field Target Association trainer.

Jeff Swartz's American Airgun Field Target Association trainer.

I have to say I’m really enjoying the target I picked up from you at the Columbus show...It’s worked flawlessly and is worth every penny. ..Great FT practice.
— Jeff Swartz, field target competitor




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